Krampus: A Christmas Story

As we’re only a week away from Christmas, please enjoy this wonderful Christmas short that we produced! A fun, festive treat for the whole family to enjoy!

Set the evening before Christmas, the Krampus meets with Saint Nicholas to discuss the best ways to handle Christmas Day.

Starring Diana Dee Reeve, Jack Purling and featuring a lovely rendition of Adolphe Adam’s O Holy Night. Thanks also to Ashens for use of his equipment.

The Unlocked Homage-O-Meter

One of the great things about Unlocked is the wealth of references, quotes and products that we intersperse throughout the series. It’s a little reward for those with keen eyes and nods to those who.. basically.. like the things we like. But we’re an inclusive group and want to make sure everyone is in on the fun, so we created the Homage-O-Meter: a comprehensive guide to so much of the subtext and layering that goes into each and every episode of Unlocked. Enjoy.
Homage-O-Meter Part 1
Homage-O-Meter Part 2