Unlocked – Episode 8: Cat’s In The Cradle

In an effort to be more than just a screen with a face, Anton works with John and Zoey to create a suit he can upload himself into. In the meantime Pip and Alex’s son, having chosen the Renegade path, has been overhearing his parent’s views on life and has formed his own ideas about how to better everyone’s existence. For our group.. this is how the world ends.

Unlocked – Episode 7: Proud Parent

It’s finally here; the first episode of the latest story arc in the ongoing Unlocked saga!

Episode seven opens two years after episode six and Anton Eadas awakes in a strange makeshift body to find the world has been unmade. All the video game aspects of the planet are not responding, meaning no autosaves, no special abilities and no extra lives. Desperate for answers, Anton speaks with the leader of an encampment and quickly learns that everything is connected to the birth of a new character.

Unlocked Catch Up

As we will be releasing new episodes of Unlocked next week (2nd October), we thought we’d do a ‘previously on’ to make sure everyone is up to speed with the goings-on.

Which Unlocked Character Are You!?

We have two amazing but simple quizzes for you! With the release of five new episodes starting 02-Oct-15 why not find out which of the Unlocked characters most resembles you?

But we didn’t stop there! We in fact have two different quizzes for you. One is a simple 10 question analysis with five potential answers (all of which are main characters).

And for those who want something more extended, why not try the sixteen question quiz which has 27 potential results with characters from the first 11 episodes of Unlocked.

So take them both, enjoy and spread the links. Let us know who you are.

Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico y de Terror de Navarra 2015!


All of us at Cheesemint are extremely happy to announce that BFF has been selected for the Festival Internacional de Cine Fantástico y de Terror de Navarra in Spain!


Voting for best short is largely public based, so what we would love you to do is to send an email to


headed Best Short Film and in the contents just state BFF (Reino Unido) as your favourite short film.


And that’s it! Hopefully we can get enough people to do it to make some serious impressions on the peninsular. The festival ideally would like your top 3, so by all means check out the competition and rate another two – just make sure to include BFF!


Thanks for the support everyone! And who knows? Maybe we’ll be lucky enough to make off with a fancy award. Fingers crossed.

Unlocked Audio Markers

As you may or may not be aware, the independent filmmaker doesn’t always have the time or money to execute things the same way a large production would. Other times, we just improvise and everything turns out awesome.

This is definitely the case when it comes to ‘marking audio’. You see, every single professional film won’t use the in-cam microphone, opting to record audio using a separate device. So how do you sort through multiple takes of people saying the same thing when all you have to go on is the sound of their voices? Well, you say something at the start of the take (which is often visually marked on the video footage). And while this is usually something technical and boring, we like to ad-lib stuff.

Frustratingly, this means we can’t repeat any of our previous phrases and on something as large as Unlocked, that means we have to improv a lot of stuff on the fly. The job falls on whoever is operating the audio equipment and this means a huge variety of words are generated. Here is a list of the takes used in our soon-to-be-released new episodes.

Incidentally the asterisks mark spoilers. Obviously.

…..and don’t judge us.

Episode 7
Wide shot robot bum
Iron Man
Professor X
Still fucked off about Matt’s glasses
Emma-Jane killed ****
Leader boy
Two years
Beef burgers
Fapple 2
Ewoks are bastards
That’s the key word
Reggae jiggle belly
Renegade trannie
No legs
No more car parking
Space teddies 2
Captain America: Whinger Soldier
The Place Beyond The Pines
Semen in face
Burt Reynolds

Episode 8
Pram walk
With an N
Star Wars: Attack Of The Clones
Princess Leia
Mace Windu
Millennium Falcon
Star pie
Harry Potter hancock
Citizen conkers
Despicable district 9
Pacific Rim panda
Anton audio 1
Anton audio 2
Father Ted
The Day Today
Anton audio 3
Anton audio 5
Halo Reach
Get back Yoko
Zack and Miri
Back In The USSR
Love Me Do
Twist and Shout
She’s So Heavy
While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Hard Day’s Night
Fool On The Hill
Everything after
Invisible tasers
Does not compute

Episode 9
Where are we stopping?
Turquoise skull
Action odds you live
Bottle of wine
Cat babies
Five dead
Action Freeman third one
Free da man
Camera rolling billowy wind
Big guns
Game face
Rain fuck off
Tom, we’re leaving
Hermione Granger
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore
Molly Weasley
Draco Malfoy
Professor Trelawney
Nick Fury
Cowboy boots
Welsh puns
Oscar Wilde
Bovine time
Wicker jimble
Iofur Raknison
William Parry
Subtle Knife
Looking into camera
Philip Pullman
Princess Jasmine
Massive cloud
Rumbling bellies
That’ll be the word
Face paint
Faster than the speed of light
Resetting the balance
Shower curtain
Massive flower
Coat shade
Green Lantern
Matt’s vampire coat
More billowing shower curtain
Argument take 3
Zoom-in take 3
**** speech take 4
Big cheer take 4
Three shot take 3

Episode 10
Charles Dickens
Jane Austen
Margaret Atwood
Leo Tolstoy
Andrey Kurkov
Angela Carter
Simone de Beauvoir
Dean Koontz
The end?
Walk formation 2
Black power 3
Estate agent 3
Tim kneeling 3
Close-up estate agent 2
Adam turning 2
**** dying 2
Guns drawn 3
Zealots 2
Another tree
Christmas cake
Pickles .. too late
Tin man
Horn of Gondor face
Crazy eyes 2
**** going crazy 2
Battle cry 3
Adam jumping 2
Joel’s pole 2
Em popping 6
Josh close-up
Cool Runnings
Princess Celestia
Enter The Dragon
Almost Famous
Rolling go
Ponies are awesome
In your own time
Rousing in the pants
Dee’s face in the woods
Adam’s pants .. PANTS!
Bret’s many crossbones
Squeeze out the life blood
Rousing arousing
Big old titty fuckin’ thing
Bananas are fun
Rousing stuff 2
Jeff Winger
Star Burns
Fat Neil
Vice Dean
Professor Duncan
Legend of Zelda
The lovely land of Hyrule
Two trees
Some more Zelda characters

Episode 11
Jerry Gergich
Larry Gergich
April Ludgate-Dwyer
Terry Gergich
Donna Meagle
Crazy Ira and the douche
And go for it
Sabre-tooth tiger
30 Rock 2
Liz Lemon
Kenneth Parcell
I’m completely in it
Jack Donaghy
Pete’s wife’s boobs
Dice rolls
Tracy Morgan
Fucking jam
Dr Pepper
Fifth biplane
Another biplane
Matt blue screen 5
Em blue screen reactioning
He’ll be dead
Hot moist wee
A moist tender vagina
Soggy bits
More Lion King quotes
James Bond 007
For the rest of your days
When I was a young warthog
What a wonderful craze
Scar is actually evil, who would’ve thought?
Ya bet
Ain’t no passing phase
It means no worries, thanks guys
**** 5
They go round and round
Goddamnit buses!
Georgie 4, I think