Unlocked – Episode 1: We Few, We Happy Few

It’s the dawn of a new era. Zoey and Pip are looking for a new house while Alex tires to avoid the prospect of living with John and Anton. Meanwhile there’s a job going at Mint Condition and whoever ends up getting the job, someone will be unhappy!

Unlocked – Episode 2: We Can Be Heroes

It’s moving day! Zoey and Pip move into their new abode and Alex and John attempt to help. Meanwhile, an internet crisis sends Anton into a state of insanity. BB might just have a plan to help them all. Things are about to get a bit fantastical.

Unlocked – Episode 3: Party Pooper

Zoey and Pip are throwing a housewarming party and everyone is invited, including Pip’s brother Michael and his friends. Get set for the social event of the year that includes a blind Alex, a poo-patrolling John, a Space Oddity Zoey, an opinionated BB, a mutant Anton and a drunk Pip. Will everyone still be friends by the end of the night?

Unlocked – Episode 4: My Protégé

Pip begins training John for the tournament while Solid and the gang get Michael ready. Elsewhere, Anton ends up stuck at the comic shop all day. Flashbacks, Star Trek debates, seedy deals and montages; this episode of Unlocked has it all!

Unlocked – Episode 5: Day Of Judgement

The day of the tournament has arrived but is John up to the challenge? Especially when he learns the consequences should he lose.

Unlocked – Episode 6: Blast From The Past

John arrives in the past but just how far has he gone back? And does he have it in him to change his own fate as well as his friends’? All will be revealed in the Unlocked finale!

Unlocked – 2013 Christmas Special

It’s Christmas! With Anton now living in America, he’s left a festive parting gift for John and Alex. And speaking of gifts, Pip and Zoey are on the quest to find Father Christmas, who appears to be absconding from his duties

Unlocked – Episode 7: Proud Parent

Episode seven opens two years after episode six and Anton Eadas awakes in a strange makeshift body to find the world has been unmade. All the video game aspects of the planet are not responding, meaning no autosaves, no special abilities and no extra lives. Desperate for answers, Anton speaks with the leader of an encampment and quickly learns that everything is connected to the birth of a new character.

Unlocked – Episode 8: Cat’s In The Cradle

In an effort to be more than just a screen with a face, Anton works with John and Zoey to create a suit he can upload himself into. In the meantime Pip and Alex’s son, having chosen the Renegade path, has been overhearing his parent’s views on life and has formed his own ideas about how to better everyone’s existence. For our group.. this is how the world ends.

Unlocked – Episode 9: The Wasteland Survival Guide

Having been brought up to speed, Anton is informed his suit represents the ‘old world’ and is sentenced to death. Thankfully, a plucky group of resistance fighters are on hand to assist. Anton then learns that friend and foe have joined forces and an all-out assault against Jak is devised.

Unlocked – Episode 10: Vigorous Opposition

Analysing her options, Zoey has a crisis of faith. Meanwhile John’s rebels are ambushed en route to Jak’s lair by zealots driven insane by the wasteland. Unlike disputes in the past, respawns are no longer available, meaning characters will die. Brace yourselves.

Unlocked – Episode 11: The Part Where He Kills You

Alex, Pip, Zoey and a digital Anton reach Jak’s lair with the hope of somehow taking out his modding screens and ending the madness.. that is, if they can get through the front door.

One of the great things about Unlocked is the wealth of references, quotes and products that we intersperse throughout the series. It’s a little reward for those with keen eyes and nods to those who.. basically.. like the things we like. But we’re an inclusive group and want to make sure everyone is in on the fun, so we created the Homage-O-Meter: a comprehensive guide to so much of the subtext and layering that goes into each and every episode of Unlocked. Enjoy.
Homage-O-Meter Part 1
Homage-O-Meter Part 2